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Booking Express Travel shares some of the best places to visit Haliburton, Ontario, this spring.

Booking Express Travel shares that when people go on vacation, they should visit some of the area’s most well-known and exciting attractions.

When vacationers stay at Haliburton Heights in Haliburton, Ontario, this spring, they should explore the area and enjoy all the great spots that will make for a truly unforgettable trip.

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Whether guests want to explore the outdoors or learn more about the city’s history, Haliburton has something for everyone. When going to Haliburton, these are some of the best places to visit to ensure a truly unforgettable vacation.

Rails End Gallery and Arts Centre: Art enthusiasts will rejoice and love the opportunity to visit the Rails End Gallery and Arts Centre. This museum is incredibly unique, as it is inside a historic railway station in Haliburton. The gallery not only offers terrific exhibits that are constantly changing, but it also has a boutique. People can also enjoy the many events and programs they host yearly.

Haliburton Sculpture Forest: For a truly outstanding experience, vacationers should visit the Haliburton Sculpture Forest. The forest is beautiful and boasts incredible views, and people will witness exceptional pieces of art and sculptures while walking on the trail. Those who want a free tour of this area can schedule one throughout September.

Wolf Centre: Booking Express Travel says that the Haliburton Forest offers guests the chance to tour their Wolf Centre through November. This center is home to a pack of wolves that roam through a 15-acre enclosure, which is truly remarkable. Visitors can stroll through the exhibits and learn more about these outstanding creatures. Guided tours are also available that will take people through the Wolf Centre.

Booking Express Travel knows that after a long day of sightseeing and exploring Haliburton, guests will be sure to enjoy everything Haliburton Heights offers. This luxurious resort is tucked into the rolling hills and towering pines of the area’s gorgeous scenery.

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