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Booking Express Travel members advise tourists to visit Ontario’s Art Gallery and admire its award-winning collections, right from contemporary European artworks to the extraordinary collection of shipwrecks.

Booking Express Travel Discovers The Flying Dutchman’s Boat At Georgian Bay 2


Ontario beach along Wasaga Beach in Georgian Bay is also a popular beach destination with its worldly beauty and luxurious amenities for all types of travelers.

Booking Express Travel members can enjoy all the watery fun you have missed in your busy city life during the summer vacation.

Booking Express Travel recommends a trip to the beautiful Blue Mountains, which give you a scenic view and a chance to reconnect with your children and see the beautiful world through their eyes. You also get to enjoy the scenic caves and indulge in adventure activities like rock climbing and zip wires.

Booking Express Travel Discovers The Flying Dutchman’s Boat At Georgian Bay 3


Tourists can enjoy a ferry ride or go on a glass-bottom boat tour and enjoy the shipwrecks of the past era sunk in Georgian Bay. There are countless opportunities for enjoyment, even for the lazy holidaymakers. They want to curl up in front of the fire and watch the bucket load of snow falling and making Ontario look snowy white.

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