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Dear BET,

Booking Express is easy to use, we bought in 2 years ago and have used it 3 times, never outside of US yet, but Vegas, Orlando and CA. Each time easy, nice resorts and good pricing,. Looking to try for Puerto Vallerta in the summer!

Angji N


Great resort in Mazatlan, clean, great views of the islands and amazing food. Easy to reserve and plan, shout out to Marco in reservations at Booking Express for his recommendations.


Hello Booking People

 Really pleasantly surprised with the recent stay in Branson, great resort and great incentives with the package, skeptical of the membership but so far so good!

Leon and Dana M

Booking Express Travel Welcomes Travelers to San Francisco

Booking Express Travel is excited about encouraging travelers to visit beautiful San Francisco, California.

With mild summers, the City by the Bay is a great place for travelers from around the world to visit. The city is a beacon of culture and history that is recognized worldwide.

Booking Express Travel Suggest San Francisco


From the Golden Gate Bridge to the entire city itself, travelers will find that there is a much to do in San Francisco.

golden gate bridge

A visit to nearby Alcatraz Island gives travelers a perspective of one of the most famous landmarks of the country.

The best part of the Alcatraz experience it takes you back to another era of time.

You can see the cells and the prison yard.
They offer tours with headsets. It is a great way to spend the day.

So much to see and you can feel the rich history.

Booking Express Travel Special tip: Purchase your tickets online in advance at least a week. If you go to the pier, you may find the line is long, and they most likely are sold out.

 Those looking for beauty amongst a modern city can visit Golden Gate Park and witness the awe-inspiring sights of the Japanese tea garden.

There is so much to do in San Francisco that multiple trips can be taken to discover something new each time. The significant part about Golden Gate Park is that you can explore for miles ending at the famous hippie hill and see the Janis Joplin tree.

Haight Asbury: this was the start of the 60 hippie revolution. The area has a certain charm about it and can only be described by seeing it for your self. Many shops that sell all kinds of different and now legal items can easily be found right there.

Alcatraz Prison Island in San Francisco Bay

Coit Tower: This is a nice way to view the city. You will have views that are the best in the town. Incredible to say the least but a must see.

Chinatown: This something you will stores selling produce you have never seen before.
Great way to spend an evening or afternoon. It does get crowded in the morning as the locals will there shopping there. But it is something to see. So many shops for herbs to purses. Nice to go there at night time

Booking Express Travel is your one-stop for all your vacation needs.


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