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Booking Express Travel likes to give it’s members the best tips to always get the most out of there vacation. Here are a few while visiting Las Vegas this upcoming 2020

With the competition so significant for the tourist dollar Vegas always has the best of best. Just a fact they are second to none. Many resorts and hotels are featuring the Cirque de Soleil shows, which have been around for some time now.

This has been in going on in theaters up and down the Strip for years now. Booking Express Travel knows their shows may vary in theme, but never in entertainment value. They are fantastic.

To help visitors select a Cirque show to see, Booking Express Travel has put together this list of his top three favorites.


The name of his show is a play on the French word for water. Using that as a theme, Cirque du Soleil has put together a surreal, visually stunning performance that incorporates the elements of air, fire, and – of course – water.

The cast of 85 super talented acrobats, synchronized swimmers and divers perform in and above a 1.5 million-gallon pool throughout the show. The audience follows a boy who is transported from the audience to the stage to embark on a journey through a beautiful, mysterious aquatic world. He and the audience witness a dazzling parade of talented performers, unique characters, and costumes. Visitors can catch this show at the Bellagio.

Michael Jackson ONE:

In this show, audiences follow four misfits through a magical world inspired by the music and imagination of pop star Michael Jackson. Throughout the performance, Jackson’s presence is felt both aurally and visually. The stage and walls of the Mandalay Bay Theater have been transformed to create a dynamic and immersive video display. Booking Express Travel shares that Cirque even uses GPS trackers to allow the video to be projected all over the theater, even on the dancers.
The show, featuring innovative new Cirque du Soleil acrobatics and fantastic dance numbers, but the star of the show is the great Michael Jackson. Expect your favorite songs as “Man in the Mirror,” “Bad,” “Smooth Criminal,” and “Billie Jean.”

Beatles Love:

This brings you back in time. For the baby Boomer to some youngster who only may have heard of them, this is one of the best shows. Hear all your favorite tunes with the style and dance of the magic only Cirque du Soleil can deliver this an outstanding unforgetful experience. Don’t miss this. They all are amazing.

You need to take in one of these every time you visit las Vegas with Booking Express Travel.

The surreal experience of the lights and the strip make Las Vegas such a popular destination.

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