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Booking Express Travel members say that there are many beautiful and entertaining vacation spots in Georgia. Some of the most beautiful landscapes, beaches, and lakes in the southern U.S. can be found here so it is an ideal location for an enjoyable holiday. Booking Express Travel members have recommended some of the most popular and must-see destinations as they have previously enjoyed a holiday there.

Booking Express Travel members say that the Aquarium in Georgia is a definite must-see attraction. One of the largest of its kind, it houses thousands of unique sea creatures, some of which you may not even think existed. This Aquarium also has a Gecko Exhibit and a 3-D Theatre that children adore. Other popular adventures include climbing up the Stone Mountain or enjoying a Sky Ride up to the Confederate Memorial Carving to marvel at Robert Lee and Thomas Stonewall Jackson’s stone representations.

Booking Express Travel members also suggest that the several significant businesses are also tourist attractions in Atlanta.

For example, the World of Coca-Cola is a major attraction. When visiting this iconic tourist attraction, you can learn about the soft drink history and marvel at its many exhibits and memorabilia. Also, the popular news Channel, CNN network, has its Head Quarters in Atlanta, so you have the opportunity to take a tour and see new stories in the making as they are beginning to be reported to the world.

The World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, Booking Express Travel

Booking Express Travel members say another excellent vacation find nearby is on the coast of Georgia. Here you will find the Great Barrier Island, and you can swim around its peaceful coast, play a quiet game of golf or enjoy a guided tour of the islands as there are plenty of activities that will keep you busy. Also, a trip to Lake Lanier is excellent for the fishing fans as they are sure to love the peaceful surroundings.

According to Booking Express Travel members, the Atlanta Zoo located in Grant Park is the most desirable tourist attraction for families with kids. The children can see Orangutans, Red Panda, and Giraffes, among many other exotic animals. The Zoo also offers unique educational programs and even slumber events like the Night Crawler Overnight for children above six. Other members also recommend a visit to Underground Atlanta. This location is a perfect hub for shopping, entrainment, and dining as there are many enjoyable opportunities and entertaining activities to enjoy.

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