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Booking Express Travel loves the beaches in Hawaii because of the variety. Different shapes, sizes, and sand colors make for a fun time exploring. Some you can swim at, some you can’t. Some have hiking trails, and others are very calm and quiet. With all the islands at your disposal, you can see as many of these top beaches as you’d like.

Black Rock

Found on Ka’anapali Beach in Maui, Black Rock is a huge attraction for those who like outdoor and sea adventure. Cliff diving, scuba, and snorkeling are all available here. And for those who are little more reserved, the scenery is breathtaking, and sea turtles are frequently spotted. There’s a symbolic torch lighting/diving ceremony each night, making this a must-see in the afternoon and evening, if not all day.


Waikiki beach Hawaii presented by Booking Express travel

Shipwreck Beach

Even though the shipwreck itself has disappeared, the beach on Kauai has fantastic views and is favorite among suffers. Booking Express Travel recommends not planning on swimming here, as there are rough waters, but the plan to hike the Maha’ulepu Heritage Trail or relax on the golden sand beaches.

Papohaku Beach

For those who have read Alan Brennert’s Moloka’i, a visit to Papohaku Beach is a must. It’s one of the most extensive white sand beaches, yet also one of the quietest. This is a great place to escape the crowd for a day. Enjoy the views of Oahu from the shore, but don’t plan on swimming in these somewhat dangerous waters.

Waikiki Beach, recommend  by Booking Express Travel

Located in Oahu, Booking Express Travel knows that this is one of the most popular beaches. The crescent-shaped golden beach has been famous among tourists since Hawaii became a tourist destination in the early 1900s. Check out the bar at the Royal Hawaiian hotel, which was built in 1927, and enjoy the people mingling about, with the view of Diamond Head in the background.


Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Koolina Beach

This beach on the west side of Oahu is perfect for families with kids. The clear water is calm and shallow and perfect for kids to play in. There are four human-made beach coves tucked away and called lagoons, which make a great extra treat for visitors.

Booking Express Travel hopes vacationers will put Hawaii on their lists of destinations this year.

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