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Booking Express Travel strives to provide its members with top destinations to choose from when booking their travels. To better inform its valued members about top locations to visit, Booking Express Trave is offering up a list of some popular summer destinations to travel to this season.

1. Hawaii

Adventurers will find something fun to do in the diverse and exciting state of Hawaii. There is snorkeling, hiking, repelling, hot-air balloon rides, and more. Booking Express Travel recommends taking a helicopter ride around one of the islands and enjoying the lush wooded areas too dense to traverse. Holidayers are sure to be pleased with the variety of animal and plant life that the islands have to offer. Looking for a more relaxed vacation, there are plenty of things for them to do here as well. This island chain provides miles of soft, sandy beaches and the clearest, crystal blue water. Chilling on the warm beach with a good book or simply soak up the rays, as the clime in the summer in Hawaii is extremely warm and mild.

Top Vacation Destination for 2021 Hawaii

2. The Caribbean

This summer, Booking Express Travel recommends visiting the Caribbean. Take a cruise or fly right into these premier summer destinations. This island chain is just off the Florida coast, and both the people and the environment will make any traveler feel right at home. The laid-back style of these beautiful islands will be a nice break from the hustle and bustle of normal city life. Relax and enjoy the miles of sandy beaches and crystal, clear waters and check out the vibrant nightlife.

3. Arizona

Want to stay on the mainland this summer? Booking Express Travel encourages a visit to the desert state of Arizona. This U.S. State is best known for its desert climate and Saguaro cacti. These majestic beauties are only found in the Sonoran desert. Travel further north in the state, and visitors will find the Grand Canyon. Watch the sun highlight the many colors of this amazing natural wonder carved out by the Colorado River.

Glen Canyon, Arizona by Booking Express Travel

Booking Express Travel hopes that all travelers enjoy their summer travels this year. Members of this exclusive vacation club will have the opportunity for a plentitude of vacation travel this summer. Join this amazing vacation provider to share in the opportunity for luxury travel at affordable prices.

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