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Booking Express Travel says in West Texas, Lubbock is a star attraction in the Lone Star State.

From Cowboys to ranchers, this outpost is a celebration of all the West has to offer.

This dusty western town has been the hub of ranch and country heritage since the 1890s. Home to Texas Tech University, the city, is quickly growing into a contemporary city, and it has one of the largest populations in the northwest region of Texas.


Summertime high temperatures in the 90s make this location a favorite for any cold weather-worn northerner with an urge for the sun and warmth. Very little annual precipitation makes the skies of Lubbock clear, blue, and inviting all year long, suggests Booking Express Travel.

Western Culture

Tour the National Ranching Heritage Center at 4121 4th Street. The center shares with visitors the ranching and farming industry that brought people to this area of Texas and created Lubbock. The museum features changing exhibits from the culture of Cowboys in the west to displays of artifacts and tools of the ranching business from days long past. Put on your boots and dust off your cowboy hat and travel back in time to see how the Cowboy culture.

Lubbock Texas presented by Booking Express Travel

The Bayer Museum of Agriculture preserves the values of the West’s prominent agricultural farming trade. Cotton farming is a primary source of business in the area, and the museum displays the strife and hard work of the Americans that built it. The culture here is a perfect example of the hard-working diligence and pride that can be found in many cities of the West. You can experience it all in one place, Lubbock.

Entertainment Travel Tip by Booking Express Travel

A prominent stop on any music tour, Lubbock regularly hosts the top names in Country and Western Music. Entertainers like Tanya Tucker, Waylon Jennings, and Pat Green have all stopped in Lubbock in the past. There are several live music venues throughout town that offer local music, as well.

Cricket’s Grill and Draft House at 2412 Broadway offers an extensive draft beer selection and regularly features the live music of many local celebrities. A tour of Lubbock’s nightly entertainment wouldn’t be complete without a crawl down Buddy Holly Avenue to a few venues like Thirsty Turtle or the Cactus Courtyard. Island Lifestyle Getaways says if an excellent quiet game of pool is all you’re in the mood for, The Copper Caboose at 5609 Avenue Q and Bash Riprock’s at 2419 Main Street will oblige.

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