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Booking Express Travel understands that Japan is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Many destinations catch the eye of visitors. Whenever you have an opportunity to go to Japan, try to see all that you can of this beautiful country.

Booking Express Travel recommends these locations especially.

Mount Fuji:

It is one of the most breathtaking mountains in the world. It is no doubt the most iconic natural attraction in Japan. It is also the tallest mountain in Japan at 3776 meters or 12,377 feet tall.

The best time to visit this mountain is winter, when it is covered with snow. Numerous visitors enjoy hiking on the mountain. The area near Fuji offers plenty to do and see as well.

Rows of fresh green tea with Mount Fuji

Himeji Castle:

It is another original and fantastic site for visitors. It is one of the oldest castles that remains in its original condition. It is also known as White Heron Castle. Pine trees and cheery trees surround the castle. It is so beautiful that the famous James Bond film, You Only Live Twice, featured a scene there.

Booking Express Travel Revie Visiting Japan (2)

Kinkaku-Ji, Kyoto:

Booking Express Travel also recommends this golden pavilion temple. It is one of the most popular places that attract most tourists that visit Japan, and you have most likely seen a picture of it before. Pine trees and ponds enhance its beauty. It is among many important historical sites in Kyoto.

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