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Booking Express Travel loves to keep its members informed on all the newest and coolest locations. Haliburton is located in Ontario, Canada, only a few hour’s drive from Toronto. We are featuring some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.

The winter is a great time to enjoy this area, and one big attraction is snowmobiling say’s Booking Express Travel.

Imagine yourself and your loved ones going through groomed trails made just for your pleasure, exploring the countless sites that this wonderland provides. There are many other activities to enjoy there also such as snowshoeing and cross-country skiing, all within minutes of Haliburton Heights.

happy family dad and child daughter back in Park in nature Booking Express Travel

Nothing seems to match the great outdoors in this frosty season and sipping some hot chocolate back in your condo while watching the fire blaze in your fireplace in a perfect end to the day. This is a bucket list destination, underrated in so many ways, but once there, you can see why this one of Ontario’s best kept secrets.

I guess to me, the snowmobiling was the most fun, but then I may be partial to it since growing up within hours from there. The trail system is one of the most extensive in the world, yeah that’s right, the world.
The sights and scenery are surreal, and if when you close your eyes, you picture a winter wonderland, then Haliburton Heights is your place.

Booking Express Travel offers accommodations in places such as Haliburton and other Canadian locations.

The value of the Canadian dollar provides so much more bang for your buck than ever before.
The people are friendly and polite, and you can see another culture without having to travel overseas.

There are plenty of flights to Toronto or Montreal, and within a few hours, drives Booking Express Travel has a network filled with condos that are just amazing.

You can go next to a ski slope or right on a beautiful lake. The choices are many, and you will have a great time exploring another country and getting the most value for your money. Try a Canadian vacation; you won’t be disappointed.

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